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Warm Up the Holidays with Our Handmade Treats

Almond Croissants - Delicious almond filling wrapped in flakey puff pastry

Baklava - The traditional taste of honey and nuts nestled between thin pieces of phyllo dough

Black and Whites - Is it a cookie or is it a cake?  A vanilla base with just a hint of lemon decorated with chocolate and vanilla glaze

Butterball - Two decadent butter cookies held together with raspberry jam and rolled in powdered sugar

Cheesecake - A slice of heaven in a graham cracker cookie with cheesecake filling and your choice of plain, lemon, or strawberry filling

Chocolate Chip - Texas sized ooey gooey goodness that is perfect with a glass of milk

Crumb Cake - All the flavor of your favorite morning treat but in a soft cinnamon cookie and crumble topping.

Devil Dog - Just like you remember only better.  Two moist cookies held together with a creamy center - so good!

Nutella - Luscious Nutella hazelnut spread is generously spooned into the middle of soft vanilla cookies.

Pumpkin - Spice up your holiday with another soft delicious cookie made from organic pumpkin and iced with pumpkin spice frosting

Raspberry Crumble - A buttery cookie base filled with raspberry jam with more buttery crumbles on top

Red Velvet - The cookie version of one of my favorite cakes.  Red velvet dough filled with white chocolate chips

Ricotta - I call these little puffs of wonderfulness.  You will not be able to stop eating these soft vanilla flavored cookies

Sprinkle Cookies - The same as your favorite childhood cookie from the local bakery.  A soft, buttery sugar cookie coated in sprinkles for a colorful delight

Sugar Cookie Pies - Little pie cookies make with sugar cookie dough filled with your choice of almond, lemon or raspberry

Other items available

Pignoli Cookies   $30 per pound (approx. 15 cookies per pound

Apple, Blueberry or Cherry Hand Pies   $5 ea

Lemon Bars (2x5 in. bar)   $5 ea

Almond Joy Blondie (2x5 in. bar)   $5 ea

Oreo Blondie (2x5 in. bar)   $5 ea

Vanilla or Chocolate Pizzelles $10 per doz

Hand decorated sugar cookies with royal icing 5 cookies for $10

Texas sized muffins - your choice of Blueberry Crumble, Cinnamon Streusal, Sweet Ricotta, Double Chocolate or French Toast Muffins    $25 for 6


12 Cookies (choice of 2 varieties)                                   $25

24 Cookies (choice of 3)                                                     $45

36 Cookies (choice of 4)                                                     $70

48 Cookies (choice of 5)                                                     $90

How to order:
Go to "Shop"
Click on 12, 24, 36 or 48 Cookies
Choose 1 cookie on each drop down list
Wait for the deliciousness to arrive!

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